The extract produced significant (P<0.05) reduction in lipid peroxidation (LPO). It is completely herbal medicine containing capers, wild chicory, black night shade, Arjuna, Yarrow, Negro coffee and tamarisk. It protects the liver and kidneys by increasing antioxidative activities and is especially indicated in the treatment of liver cirrhosis. Arjuna bark extracts can also induce programmed death of cancerous liver cells in the laboratory by initiating DNA damage in the tumorous cells, a researcher reported on a study in the February 2006 edition of “World Journal of Gastroenterology.”. July 23, 2018. It induces a drug-dependent decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. Evidence suggests that the antioxidant effect of arjuna extracts come in part from the presence of phenolic acids and flavonoids. Read more to know Liv 52 benefits, uses, dosage, side effects, and price. The antioxidant effects of arjuna may also explain the hepatoprotective effects that it shows. © 2010-2016 Ayurvedic Treatment Tips. Arjuna extract is able to protect rats from carbon tetrachloride induced liver dysfunction because it supplies additional exogenous antioxidants that can substitute for the endogenous antioxidants that have been inhibited. In a similar study, rats were exposed to isoniazid to induce liver toxicity, and this resulted in significant elevations of liver enzymes while also depleting antioxidant including glutathione and superoxide dismutase. Low dosages should be preferred; A high dose may damage the liver. Fatigue. Reversing Heart disease with Arjuna . In vitro modulatory effects of Terminalia arjuna, arjunic acid, arjunetin, and arjungenin on CYP3A4, CYP2D6, and CYP2C9 enzyme activity in human liver microsomes. Arjun tree bark is a popular herbal remedy for heart problems, high cholesterol and blood pressure. High Quality Diets Prevent Cardiovascular Disease. Arjuna bark has no adverse health effects on the functions of the liver and kidney, even in the long term. Extracts of arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) have been shown to confer protection from liver damaging chemicals. Though it has been found quite useful in angina pectoris, mild hypertension, and dyslipidemia, its exact role in primary/secondary coronary prevention is yet to be explored. Sinha, M., Manna, P., & Sil, P. C. 2007. Arjuna is native to Asian countries including Bangladesh and India and historically, the bark from the tree has been used as part of the traditional Ayurvedic Medicine system in India. Angina pectoris, chest pain Arjuna has been tested in patients with angina. The antiulcerative property inhibits the occurrence of Gastric Ulcers and Gastritis. The bark of the Arjuna tree is used for relieving heart diseases. In India, the botanical name for Arjuna tree is Terminalia Arjuna, is a tall evergreen plant with light yellow flowers and cone-shaped leaves. Enough amount of it leads to body temperature; Fatigue; Diabetic or BP patients should avoid taking overdose. It provides good results. Anti-inflammatory - Indian tribes chew the fresh Arjuna bark and swallow the juice as an antacid. Arjuna also is beneficial in liver disorders, breathing problems, and hemorrhoids. Arjuna is possibly safe when used orally for a short-term of about 3 months or less. Terminalia arjuna is a tree having an extensive medicinal potential in cardiovascular disorders. Lipoprotein(a) and Cardiovascular Disease, Omega-3 Fish Oils For Cardiovascular Disease, The Maasai, Genetics, Eggs and Cholesterol, A New Paradigm For Cardiovascular Disease, Five Ways To Avoid Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic Poisons: Cardiovascular Disease. Though Arjuna herb does not cause any side effects or harms to the body but only if you choose to consume it in moderation. Image from: By J.M.Garg (Own work) [GFDL ( /copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 3.0 ( licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons. Marjoram (Origanum majorana): Anti-Anxiety Herb. Antioxidant activity of phenolic components present in barks of Azadirachta indica, Terminalia arjuna, Acacia nilotica, and Eugenia jambolana Lam. It decrease in LDL cholesterol levels. Terminalia arjuna Bark Powder is used in form of Arjuna Ksheera Pak in Ayurveda for Tachycardia and Palpitation. No hematological, renal, metabolic, and hepatic toxicity was observed even with over 24 months of its consumption. Leaves are dull green above and pale brown beneath. Arjuna Arjuna Herb Capsules. It appears to reduce pressure and pulse rate, and may increase aerobic exercise capacity. Similar effects may be seen in humans as well. Arjuna is considered a bit hot in temperament. The safety of the other two species during pregnancy is unknown. Side Effects of Arjuna Bark Arjuna Bark is considered to be safe for human consumption, as it is well-tolerated in a majority of individuals. This damage occurs because of a depletion of antioxidants. Our liver is the most vulnerable organ when it comes to the harmful side effects of medication. It is rich in anti-oxidants. So far, no serious side effects have been reported with arjuna therapy. It has been used in ayurvedic medicines for the past several centuries. Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage. However, it has to be taken in the recommended dosage and supervised by an ayurvedic physician. The herb’s antioxidants, bioflavanoids and other bioactive compounds offer protection by scavenging the free radicals, notes lead study author T. Jeyanthi. This is because the arjuna herb accelerates clotting and thereby promotes quick healing of the wound. Arjuna Tincture. Arjuna also appears to have some anticancer effects in cell culture studies. It is also used for dysentery, STD and urinary tract diseases. Extremely high dosages of Arjuna can affect the heart, reduce thyroid gland activity, or lead to liver harm. Although we strive to deliver accurate and up-to-date information, no guarantee to that effect is made. (3) A number of clinical trials have also found that arjuna bark extract had a positive effect on heart health. Immune System Side Effects Pine bark extract has poorly understood effects on the immune system, however, several reports have indicated possible immunosuppressant properties of this compound. It is rich in anti-oxidants. In vitro modulatory effects of Terminalia arjuna, arjunic acid, arjunetin, and arjungenin on CYP3A4, CYP2D6, and CYP2C9 enzyme activity in human liver microsomes. But How Much Is Too Much? Flowers of Arjuna appear between March to June and fruit between September to November. Only some minor side effects have been known such as mild gastritis, constipation, and headache. For example, in one study, and extract of arjuna was used to treat mice that had been exposed to sodium fluoride in order to induce oxidative stress in their livers. The Acai Berry: Cardiovascular Superfood? The users guide to prescription drugs One of the arjuna bark benefits is based on the fact that the compounds that are present in the arjuna herb are known to protect the DNA from any possible damage from toxins. In vitro studies show that arjuna extract had cardiotonic effects on a par with certain heart medications. In test-tube and animal studies, T. arjuna, V. vinifera, and W. fruticosa antioxidants have been shown to suppress the growth and spread of cancers in the stomach, liver, and more (8, 9, 10). Journal of Pharmacy Research. Aspirin: Does It Prevent Cardiovascular Disease? Its principle constituents are §-sitosterol, ellagic acid and arjunic acid. Multivitamin Multimineral: Should I Take one? Image is of a arjuna tree. It also helps to reduce side effects of antibiotic and other medicines that affect liver functions. For example, in a 2003 article in "Phytotherapy Research," researchers report the finding that in rats, pine bark extract can inhibit histamine release, an important regulator of the allergic response. The bark of the Arjuna tree has been used historically in Ayurveda to treat a variety of ailments. The bark of Arjuna contains Co-enzyme Q-10 which prevents heart attacks and has a general tonic effect in cases of cirrhosis of the liver. Toxicology Reports. It is probably safe if consumed orally for three months or less. There are no side effects observed on the kidney and liver functions. Arjuna is a plant-based tree known as the 'Arjuna tree' in India and is also called by many names such as Matti, Kudare Kivimase, Terminalia arjuna, etc. It has a lot of iron in it, and is also used widely as a laxative. Why Does Being Overweight Increase Cancer Risk? Eucommia has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries with limited reports of side effects. Himalaya Liv 52 also known as Livercare is a herbal ayurvedic formulation that is considered the best liver support formula in the world. The effect of oral T. arjuna at the dose of 500 mg/kg body weight was more than the 250 mg/kg body weight. Arjuna improves the liver function and reduces the inflammation of the liver. Side effects not requiring immediate medical attention. Extracts of arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) have been shown to confer protection from liver damaging chemicals. Amazing benefits of Terminalia Arjuna for. It is well tolerated by most people; although mild side effects such as gastric disturbance, headache and body pain have been reported. Overeating: Does It Really Cause Obesity? Resistance Training: Lose Fat While Resting, Tea Varieties and their Weight Loss Effects. As a result the elevated liver enzyme levels return to normal, and damage to the liver tissue is prevented. It also has a tonic effect in cases of cirrhosis of the liver. While purchasing sandalwood powder, be sure to purchase a good quality product as many times you … Glucosamine: Anti-inflammatory and Cardioprotectant? It is a deciduous riparian tree and it can grow up to a height of about 20 to 27 meters. Is Fructose A Cause Of Cardiovascular Disease? A high dose reduces the thyroid gland activity. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) is a tree that belongs to the Combretaceae family of plants. Boil the bark powder with water, and inhale it to cure a headache. The water extract of Terminalia arjuna is thought to be safe cardiotonic. Arjuna lessens the ability of the blood to clot, so be caution if taking blood thinners. Prospective and Retrospective Cohort Studies, Confounding Variables In Statistical Testing, Confidence Intervals: A Statistical Sampling Test, Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism: Groff and Gropper, The Optimum Nutrition Bible: Patrick Holford, Body Opus: Dan Duchaine (The Steroid Guru), Eat Fat And Grow Slim: Richard Mackarness, Fats That Heal Fats That Kill: Edo Erasmus, Creatine Monohydrate And Membrane Stabilisation, Creatine Monohydrate Stimulates Protein Synthesis. Liver enzymes are used as biomarkers to test the toxicity of a supplement and are elevated in case of fatty or cirrhotic liver. Now about it being a blood thinner is not a side effect which you need to worry until and unless you are on any kind of blood thinner. Several antioxidants including gallic acid, ellagic acid and oligomeric proanthocyanidins have been identified in Arjuna bark. Arjuna reduces angina in much the same way as prescription drugs such as nitroglycerin do—but without the side effects and complications. Liver cirrhosis – Arjuna significantly improve the markers of liver functions and is good natural herb for all liver disorders. It’s very common to have digestion and liver problems in bodybuilders. The bark of Arjuna is useful as an anti-ischemic and cardio protective agent in hypertension and in ischemic heart disease, especially in disturbed cardiac rhythm, angina or myocardial infarction. Coenzyme Q10 gradually depletes with age, and as we reach fifties, the heart muscles become weaker resulting in palpitations and high blood pressure. Image from: By Liné1 (Picture taken with my Panasonic TZ3) [GFDL ( /copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 3.0 ( licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons. Medicines; 3 Comments ; Overview of Himalaya Liv 52. This tree reaches height up to 70-85 feet. 8: 1264-1273, Pingale, S. S. 2011. They are free from side effects and are very useful herbal care for heart problems. Below mentioned are some of the side –effects of this herb if overused. They also use fruit paste topically on wounds. The astringent property of the arjuna herb is known to help in the prevention of acne. Liver cirrhosis – Arjuna significantly improve the markers of liver functions and is good natural herb for all liver disorders. Liver and Kidney Health. No serious side effects have been reported against Termainalia arjuna. Five Misconceptions About Cardiovascular Disease, Coenzyme Q10, Statins and Cardiovascular Disease. Arjuna tea has traditionally been used against kidney pains, for breaking and excreting kidney stones and as a protection for liver in cases of cirrhosis. 61(3): 251-260, Hebbani, A. V. and Varadacharyulu, N. C. 2015. Biochemical contents, their variation and changes in free amino acids during seed germination in Terminalia arjuna. But it is not advisable take it for too long without medical consultation. Pretreatment with arjuna inhibited the inflammation, liver necrosis and degeneration associated with carbon tetrachloride administration. Do High Fat Diets Protect From Cardiovascular Disease? It helps to prevent the decrease in the levels of powerful antioxidants such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione, alpha-tocopherol, and ascorbic acid. Antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties of Terminalia arjuna bark on isoniazid induced toxicity in albino rats. However, as with other dietary supplements, there are possible side effects to using arjuna, such as interference with prescription medicines, as well as nausea, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, or a temporary temperature increase known as flushing. (1) Animal studies have also revealed that arjuna bark can could improve heart rate and blood pressure in diabetic rats. (11, 12, 13) Tachycardia & Palpitation. Arjuna’s ability to suppress the blood’s absorption of lipids indicates that it has cholesterol-regulating properties. Possible side effects & medicine interaction of Arjuna. Share Your Article. Alcoholic and aqueous bark extracts of T. arjuna, arjunic acid, arjunetin and arjungenin were evaluated for their potential to inhibit CYP3A4, CYP2D6 and CYP2C9 enzymes in human liver microsomes. Carbon tetrachloride is a liver poison that is able to cause significant damage to liver tissue in mammals following a single dose. 104(3): 1106-1114. Arjuna side effects or warnings. So far, no serious side effects have been reported with arjuna therapy. It has a large variety of bioactives, with the water extract showing promise at improving left ventricle function of the heart without any observable toxicity of side effects when taken at 500mg thrice a day (every 8 hours). The arjuna herb is a powerful antioxidant and hence is it known to be good for the skin. 3(1): 84-90, Sultana, B., Anwar, F. and Przybylski, R. 2007. Ashwagandha appears to have liver-protective effects, according to a 2010 “Journal of Basic Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology” study 5 6. Punarnava powder has a short list of side effects. They also use fruit paste topically on wounds. It will surely improve appetite and restore liver health. The alcohol induce oxidative stress caused elevations in blood levels of a number of liver enzymes, in nitric oxide levels and in lipid peroxidation rates, indicating that liver tissue was undergoing oxidative stress. They have also been used for HIV infection. The bark is useful as an anti-ischemic and cardioprotective agent in hypertension and in ischemic heart disease. Image is of arjuna fruit. Heart Support, Liver & Cleanse Support. Myrtenol: Anxiolytic Component of Myrtle? Terminalia Arjuna (usually simply referred to as Arjuna) is a tree bark that is used medicinally in Ayurveda for the purposes of cardiovascular health pertaining to the heart itself. Some side effects of naproxen may occur that usually do not need medical attention. It is found to be exceptionally effective in relieving various heart ailments. Journal of Natural Medicines. Medical: Capsule ; Acetaminophen ; Valproic Acid ; Antibiotics ; Written by Aubri John . The health effects of arjuna may relate to its antioxidant capacity, which has been measured and shown to be substantial, providing similar levels of free radical scavenging as vitamin C in comparison trials. Scientific studies show that is has beneficial effects in angina, heart disease, heart failure, edema, high cholesterol, gonorrhea, acne, wounds, blemishes, dysentery and wounds. Amazing benefits of Terminalia Arjuna for liver:-It is a diuretic and a general tonic for liver cirrhosis. 1 Centuries ago, the herb arjuna was given a name befitting its traditional role of protecting the heart, much like its mythological namesake brought fortitude, strength, and protection to his family in battle. Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. The antioxidant effects of arjuna may also explain the hepatoprotective effects that it shows. However the addition of the arjuna extract normalised these enzymes and reduced oxidative stress. Protective effect of Terminalia muelleri against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepato and nephrotoxicity in mice and characterization of its bioactive constituents. Lower blood levels are thought to reflect less-damaged liver cells. It has conical leaves, yellow flowers and grey colored smooth bark. 2(1): 15-18, Mishra, S., Dutta, M., Mondal, S. K., Dey, M., Paul, S., Chattopadhyay, A. and Bandyopadhyay, D. 2014. Der Pharmacia Lettre. Aqueous extract of the bark of Terminalia arjuna plays a protective role against sodium-fluoride-induced hepatic and renal oxidative stress. This effect is likely due to the antioxidant effects of the herb. If you have issues related to excess pitta like heat in liver, rashes, eczema, dermatitis etc or if the weather is hot, you should add 25 gm of White Sandalwood Powder for every 100gm of Arjuna. Terminalia arjuna uses is that it acts as a cardiac stimulant and thereby has a tonic and cooling effect. It is well tolerated by most people; although mild side effects such as gastric disturbance, headache and body pain have been reported. Weight Loss: Dieting And Aerobic Exercise? One should not drive a vehicle if using the medicine makes you drowsy, dizzy or lowers your blood-pressure extensively. Triterpenoids are mainly responsible for cardiovascular properties. Terminalia bellerica and Terminalia chebula are both used for high cholesterol and digestive disorders, including both diarrhea and constipation, and indigestion. It is regarded as fairly safe to take, as long as it is used as directed. The Arjuna tree mainly used for the purposes of cardio protection. Exercise Intensity: Burn Fat While You Sleep, Meal Timing: Considerations for Weight Loss. The extract also causes a significant (P<0.05) increase in superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione-s-transferase glutathione reductase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, reduced … The powerful antioxidants found in Arjuna also work to improve liver and kidney function, helping these organs to flush toxins out of the body whilst encouraging bile production (in the liver). Fact Checked. Possible Arjuna Dosage & Possible Side Effects Typically, arjuna is well tolerated by most people. Side Effects. It is used to protect, help the liver to function efficiently and to treat various diseases of the liver. Side Effects of Arjuna Herb (A rjun Ki Chaal Side Effects) 1. Does Exercise Protect From Cardiovascular Disease? Diseases and Injuries. In instances where the recommended dosage completely fails to be adhered to, a patient may experience some mild side effects like insomnia, constipation, body ache, headache, gastritis, and nausea. This healing plant is used against kidney problems and as a natural protection for liver and bile. In rats arjuna extracts have been shown to reduce the hepatotoxicity associated with a single dose of carbon tetrachloride. Arjuna is considered as a natural agent protecting DNA from damage by toxins. Coadministration of arjuna extract significantly reduced the elevated levels of liver enzyme and significantly increased glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase liver enzyme values. 14 August, 2017 . Also, your health care professional may be able to tell you about ways to prevent or reduce some of these side effects. Researchers found that it works by excreting bile acids more rapidly leading to the liver absorbing cholesterol more efficiently.

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