While some DB15 pistols in the past shipped sans brace, or include an SBA3, this example has a Gearhead Works’ Tailhook Mod 2, which Diamondback seems to be switching to exclusively on their handgun builds. About 30 minutes later, I had a much better understanding of the ballistic and accuracy potential of the pistol. Fiocchi must be using a faster burn-rate powder than the other manufacturers that allows the bullet to generate more velocity in the short barrel. Why would shooting the rifle upside down cause any potential problems? Hoping the next generation will have resolved this issue. Sure, longer barrels give you more complete propellant combustion translating to more velocity imparted to the projectile, but that is an argument to get into in a separate piece. I agree!! The Diamondback handguard hits the mark in both the comfort and practical application departments. I sent mine 3 times, seemed like they got worse every time I got them back. I wonder about the claim that it is American made, American parts, American machining? Diamondback, located in Cocoa, Florida in the Gunshine State’s Space Coast, sprang on the scene over a decade ago with their popular compact DB9 pistol offerings and has since grown into one of the most prolific gun makers in the country. The Diamondback Firearms DB15 Semi Automatic Rifle is an excellent choice for defense, hunting, recreational, and competitive use. Super pleased. Hopefully I don’t have any issues with this weapon, but if I do, I will let you all know how the customer service is. As is true with all AR-style firearms, there are a multitude of accessories you can add. Doubling up on hearing protection is a good idea. During the course of my testing, the pistol demonstrated the accuracy and reliability required of a firearm filling either of those roles. Not only that but when are they going to learn that guns save lives. Required fields are marked * About the least expensive PSA AR-15 pistols run about $500 but they use a cheaper Shockwave Blade or SB Brace on a fixed tube rather than the adjustable Tailhook and likewise usually lack the KAK Flash Can, backup sights and M-LOK handguard. Wow I was amazed They had a gun smith call me back and explain to me about … I tried all three variations and ultimately decided the grip that offered the best balance of accuracy and speed was with one hand on the pistol grip and the other on the handguard. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Diamondback Firearms is right for you. 30 rounds went down range way too fast. Caliber: .223/5.56 Diamondback currently ships the DB15 pistols in a rifle-length case with plenty of room for spare magazines and other range gear. I’ve tested my new DB AR15 pistol with arm brace technology by Sig Saur for over a month now. I use my DB15P with the SIG SB15 brace. The rear pin on the lower is captive, which those who have ever lost one will find nice. The DB15P, in Flat Dark Earth Cerakote, looks fantastic. Upper: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum with full-length top-mounting rail Design with a 5.7 platform I think would be great. Lower: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum Tags: ar10 AR15 concealed carry db10 db15 db380 db9 db9r dbx 57 deer hunting diamondback diamondback firearms factory tour Hog Hunting hunting interview pistol Jeff A National Shooting Sports Foundation Media member, he reviews gear for camping, hiking, shooting, hunting, paddling, backpacking, military vehicles, and other active pursuits. After cleaning and preparing the DB15P for a trip to the range, I weighed and measured the pistol. The DB15 rifle is made entirely in the USA, with all the machining work done in-house by Diamondback. I just bought a DB 15 P and all I can say is, Wow! The Diamondback DB15 is a rifle with good features at a fair price. How does it shoot and hold up with extended firing? I reminded them that I am the dealer (and the owner), she checked her call log and confirmed that they had a copy of my FFL from when I first sent my gun in. Diamondback DB15 CCMLB 5.56mm Rifle. DB9 magazines were hard to find, but they are more available now. Next post: The Walther PPQ M2 5-Inch—A Born Match Gun – Video Review, Previous post: Colt Mustang XSP .380 ACP – Range Report. With the Diamondback DB15 rifle you do not start with a GI gun, but a rifle that is ready to go for general use including recreation, hunting, and even 3Gun Competition. They are great for working out of a car or in a building. It digests all ammo that I’ve fed it and at typical self defense ranges, is quite accurate. Ten round magazines only. I have roughly 400 rounds through it already, and hasn’t had an issue. Pistol Grip: Magpul MOE+™ When the DB9 came out, I traded for a new one and could not be happier. The Diamondback Firearms DB15 Semi Automatic Rifle is a well made AR-15 that is built from the ground up right here in the USA. I bought a pair of diamond back 380 handguns last year , never again. It feels great considering its dimensions. hi, I am guessing most here have never fired the DB-15… yes I got one 60 days ago (7.5″) and when I first got it, out of 500 rounds (federal) i did have one fail to fire. I personally know a couple other guys that have bought them based on my recommendation and theirs are as durable and dependable as mine is. How much does it cost? Brace Yourself, Diamondback Firearms DB15 Pistol in 7.62x39, For Waistband or Nightstand - The Double Duty AM2…, Diamondback’s New 5.7mm Pistol Is the 5.7mm You’ve…, Best Budget Optic? The pistol may be very appealing to people looking for a compact alternative to a full-size AR rifle that they can stash in their grab and go kit, or keep in their vehicle for emergency need. Big in Diamondback’s catalog is their DB15 series carbines and pistols. It’s a great pistol! Phone 1-877-284-7760. I used this time to get a feel for the trigger and felt that I was ready to start shooting for groups. The trigger broke cleanly with no pre-travel or creep. Diamondback Firearms offers the DB15 Pistol in three finish options and two barrel lengths. The review pistol, model DB15PFDE7, has a Flat Dark Earth finish and 7.5” barrel. It ran flawlessly and turned in excellent groups with iron sights and a short barrel. Here is the full story straight from Diamondback: Diamondback Firearms new DB15 rifles are made entirely in the USA. The Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion is an Amazing Pistol. This forum was for the Db15 AR Pistol Includes: 1 – 30 round PMag (where state/local laws allow) and safety lock. Every company has ups and downs but today I was blown away , had a few little issues I was working on and I decided I am going to call them !! I thoroughly enjoyed several range outings with the DB15P, a fun pistol to shoot. Perhaps mine were early guns, and they worked out the bugs since then. As a laymen, outside of weight, I cannot tell much of a difference between it and more expensive AR’s in the 1K-1.4K price range. Diamondback Firearms new DB15 rifles are made entirely in the USA. For those familiar with AR platform rifles, there are no surprises with the DB15 pistol. Cocoa, FL 32926-3311. Schill. will frequently cause jamming. Diamondback DB15 PDPS7B 7.5″ 5.56mm Pistol. I think they held the guy. The adjustable Gearhead Tailhook MOD 2 brace is rock-solid and is growing in popularity for AR pistol builds. While the upper is complete with a forward-assist and brass deflector. Different strokes…. After several trips to the range, we can confirm this is a great gun. anyone have any comments about the article and what they paid for one? so my recommendations carry little weight. For reference, with a loaded 30-round PMAG, the weight of the DB15 pistol with Romeo/Streamlight extras was still under 7-pounds. If you need it for something else, I couldn’t comment. Surface controls are workable and standard for anyone familiar with an AR. I enjoy shooting the gun. What good is a personal defense weapon you can’t reload in a gun fight? Today the Diamondback Firearms BD15 isn’t really even a single model, but a platform in its own right — and a popular one at that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh-xCGvnLHU I have bought them at gun shows and on Sig’s P365 and P320 offer two great options for concealed carry. Not the Db 9 pistol. That in mind, I believe the review should have had some prejudice against Diamondback and perhaps addressed/commented on those problems within his article. I carry it daily as my carry pistol because I know it will go BANG if/when I need it. In this initial review, we are taking a closer look at one of the shortest of the latter, the 7-inch barreled DB15PDS7B model. 3400 Grissom Parkway. 16.25″ barrel 30″ a r stock Then the will have an item, I have the Od Green DB15 AR Pistol and I have shot around 250 rounds threw it with no issues at all Steve. Stay in the know. What about ballistics? A gentle tug on the charging handle was enough to extract the round. The 18 inch barrel allows for swift maneuverability. I have a PLR16. And we must always abide by government regulations and prohibitions otherwise we are not good citizens. They're also easy to customize. I’ve had one for over a year over 3000 rounds no problems thing is people buy them and just go shooting db leaves a lot of grit in there process if you don’t clean it before shooting of course gas seals will go bad overall never fail has been awesome AR for 800 dollars. We have been kicking around a Diamondback DB15 AR-pattern pistol for the past several weeks and have a report from the field.. Our test model, specifically a 7-inch barreled DB15PDS7B pistol, included a Gearhead Works’ Tailhook Mod 2 brace, which Diamondback seems to be switching to exclusively on their handgun builds.

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