Lennox 12U67 iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat, Geo-Fencing, Remote Access, Wi-Fi and Alexa Enabled 2.7 out of 5 stars 33. The Lennox iComfort S30, E30 and M30 thermostat doesn’t just control temperatures like a conventional thermostat, it automatically adapts to individual lifestyles and to the changing environment to help deliver the ultimate in comfort, energy savings and peace of mind. A standard thermostat stays on a fixed schedule. The thermostat also alerts you when it’s time for a filter change. holds your home’s temperature to within 0.5 degree or less. With a standard thermostat, you pre-select temperatures for the day and week. Française. Page 4: External Components • Do not install the Smart Hub on or near large metal objects. iComfort Wi-Fi. Hey Google, what's the current temperature in my home? Only 6 left in stock - order soon. 103445- Smart Away™ Mode - Uses the GPS in a smartphone to detect when a homeowner is leaving, and automatically changes the temperature to a more energy-efficient settingSchedule IQ™ Technology - A one-time programming feature that senses changes in the routine and adjusts heating and cooling to matchOne-Touch Away Mode – Overrides users regular programming schedule when they're away and automatically tur… Control the temperature at home using the intuitive temperature dials from anywhere in the world: on the beach, on the slopes, or even from the couch. B. Even the air quality in your neighborhood may change. Indicates when there's a problem that needs immediate attention, Lets you know when your filter needs to be changed. It stays on a fixed schedule and won’t adjust temperatures when your routine changes. Feels Like™ - Control the system using outdoor / indoor temperatures and one iComfort S30 smart thermostat is installed in the home. Your schedule may change. Say ‘Hey Google’ to control your thermostat. Lennox iComfort® Equipment Interface Module (catalog number 10T50) (connects the iComfort® S30 to non-communicating indoor and outdoor units. Lennox S30 Thermostat – Ultra Smart – Ultra Cool! Month/Year Introduced. By default, the zones are labeled Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4. I recently installed a new wireless router and now the S30 refuses to connect to the WiFi at all. The iComfort S30 senses when you leave early and goes into Energy Mode. Image Sample. With the Schedule IQ feature, you only need to program the thermostat once. Always stay in touch with home comfort with the iComfort S30. Online access to your iComfort® system. The iComfort S30 senses when you leave early and goes into Energy Mode. If you or a family member returns home, Smart Away then returns your system to a normal schedule and comfortable temperature. Before beginning installation, note the type of equipment, number of stages, and any accessories being installed. I spent over $20k on a state of the art multi zone … When it's time to change the filter or the Purifier, the PureAir ™ S lets you know through your iComfort ® S30 Ultra Smart Thermostat; Weather Screen Savers Find a Lennox® Dealer near you to install the iComfort® in your home, * American College of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, ** When used with premium Lennox® equipment. The iComfort S30's Smart Away Mode uses the GPS in your smartphone to detect when you're leaving, and automatically changes the temperature to a more energy-efficient setting. allows the screen settings to become visible as you approach and disappear as you walk away. Information sur le rappel : concerne certaines thermopompes murales sans conduits. A standard thermostat stays on a fixed schedule. There are also four dots underneath the name that indicates which zone is … It’s important to say upfront that the Lennox S30 thermostat is specifically designed to work only with Lennox brand HVAC systems. monitors outdoor conditions and automatically removes excess humidity as needed to maintain a comfortable balance.**. After signing in, you’ll be able to view your iComfort system settings, adjust the temperature and view reminders and alerts – just as you would on your iComfort thermostat at home. The iComfort S30's Allergen Defender monitors the air quality and pollen levels in your area, according to your zip code and automatically turns the fan on to clean your home's air when outdoor levels are high. B. Use our selector tool to find the perfect heating and cooling The iComfort S30 preserves comfort and peace of mind by actively monitoring system operations. A. Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy Lennox will use this information in accordance with their respective terms of service and privacy policies. Get in-depth information on Lennox iComfort® S30 Thermostats including detailed technical specifications. This app is designed to work with Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat. Should any problem ever arise, you and your Dealer will be notified. Single capacity and single speed mean airflow is all the way on or all the way off, creating temperature swings between cycles. Lennox 13H14 Comfort Sense 7500 Touchscreen Multi Stage Thermostat 2.5 out of 5 stars 12. The iComfort S30 adjusts temps anytime your routine changes. June 2018. My Lennox S30 has trouble connecting to my WiFi at times. Ventilation control (iComfort ® S30 and E30) Software Version: 3.4. This skill does not work with my 2 year old iComfort WiFi thermostat (only the s30 and e30 models are suported). Lennox wireless point-to-point connection to other iComfort® S30 Smart Hubs in home and other mobile devices running the iComfort Thermostat application. Three languages are supported (English, Français and Español), Smart Away™ - Uses the iComfort Thermostat application to control the home temperature while unoccupied (geo-fencing). I am a Network Engineering Instructor and online forums have shown me that this is a common problem with the S30, so I want to replace it with a Google Nest Thermostat. This will damage the iComfort® S30 and void the warranty. Adjust your home’s temperature anytime, anywhere from your mobile device with the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi mobile app! A standard thermostat … The weather may change. iComfort S30, E30 and M30 smart thermostats are backed by a 5-year limited warranty on covered components. A standard thermostat won’t recognize when you come home late. It tracks temperature ranges, how long the system runs each day and more. Daily and hourly reports are available via the web portal site. Once you enable SmartAway on the iComfort S30 smart thermostat, it adapts to changes in your routine, making temperature adjustments as you come and go. Features. The iComfort S30's Feels Like™ feature creates the temperature you want to feel, not just the temperature you set—much like "Feels Like" temperature in a weather report. Working with premium Lennox ® equipment and your mobile phone, it can adjust for energy savings as you come and go, and it can alert you to system issues before they happen. Recall Information: Impacting Certain Mini-Split Heat Pump Products. Learn how to navigate System Settings on the iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat You can tell which iComfort thermostat you have by checking: Model number under Settings > General > About . Model No. Quantity Description iComfort S30 ultra smart thermostat includes a Smart Hub, HD Display, Mag- Mount and optional use wall plate. Access all the great Wi-Fi enabled features on your iComfort® thermostat from our secure web portal. When paired with premium Lennox furnaces, the iComfort S30 can increase or decrease heat output in increments as small as 1%, so you always use just enough fuel to stay warm. Zone 1 is the actual thermostat itself. We use cookies to personalize content and to provide you with an improved user experience. Policy, Versión en The Google Assistant makes it easy for you to control your Lennox iComfort ® S30, iComfort ® E30 and iComfort ® M30 with your voice. Español, Version Variable speed airflow, combined with variable capacity heating and cooling, keeps the temperature held exactly where you want it. Performance reports give you historical data on your system’s operation and performance. There looks to be a ton of 1 star reviews from people trying to connect unsupported thermostats. By continuing to 4 Mounting screws (#6 X 1.25” pan head) 4 Wall anchors (alligator flanged solid wall anchors) 1 Installation and setup guide 1 User guide 1 Warranty certificate NOTE: Due to Lennox’ ongoing commitment to quality, features and options products for your comfort needs. Monitor and adjust temperatures and schedules from anywhere in the world using the iComfort App and your smartphone, tablet or other web-enabled device. Smart Away™ - Uses the iComfort® Thermostat application to control the home temperature while unoccupied (geo-fencing). Whenever there's a change in your routine, the thermostat adapts heating and cooling to match. Features added. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lennox 12U67 iComfort S30 Ultra Smart Programmable Thermostat, Geo-Fencing, Remote Access, Wi-Fi and Alexa Enabled at Amazon.com. 1 iComfort S30 ultra smart thermostat includes a Smart Hub, HD Display, Mag-Mount and optional use wall plate. Review of the Lennox iComfort S30 WIFI Thermostat for your Lennox communicating HVAC system. This app is designed to be used with the Lennox iComfort S30, E30 and M30 Thermostat. So when you set it to 72˚F, it feels like 72˚. The iComfort S30 is the ultimate way to control your comfort. You’ll always have the right resources for the job. Welcome home. Install HD display on outside walls or in direct sunlight Install Smart Hub to indoor unit or equipment that could induce unit vibration to the unit. The iHarmony system can supports zones 2 through 4. browse this site you consent to the use of cookies. This app is designed to be used with the Lennox iComfort S30, E30 and M30 Thermostat. Make sure you have a supported thermostat. Since it monitors the air quality in your neighborhood, the iComfort S30 knows when to turn on the fan to clean the air in your home. So you save energy without thinking about it. . But the iComfort® S30 thermostat adapts to deliver the ultimate in energy savings, comfort and peace of mind. Set the iComfort S30's Perfect Temp, and your system will heat or cool as needed to maintain your temperature in any weather, year round.

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