Some of the early Barbie dolls had eyelashes that seemed almost real. Her "busy" hands can hold a number of accessories including a phone, record player, color TV, travel case and a soda set of a brown tray with two glasses. The next doll is wearing Formal reception as well as mint in box;(this one is very hard to identify from the booklet) All the others are not and have unknown names. A book highly recommended for it's reference value is Marcie Melillo's The Ultimate Barbie® Book, which features close-up pictures of each doll's face, so as to allow minute comparison for identification purposes. Barbie Identification. Vintage Barbie Doll Clothes Fashions 1971 - # 1000 series are Fashions 'n Sounds, thirty-five new outfits, plus two gift sets. The two on the right are Maxi Mod Shillman dolls the one in the bag reads Maxim, Made in Hong Kong. The print and color are exact. Barbie dolls can be easily identified because they … Shillman clothes for these dolls start in the 50's and continued into through the 80's, changing names and looks through the years. Enjoy your visit to Mod Era Barbie dolls, fashions, accessories for Barbie collectors . The newest addition to my Mod Barbie collection is Busy Barbie who debuted in 1972; the year maxi dresses, mini skirts, knee socks and patterns happened in a big way! Feb 3, 2017 - A fun, one-stop resource for Mod Era Barbie (1967 - 73) collectors and enthusiasts. Through the extremely interesting stories about Barbie and her friends, children and adults can find useful and fun lessons about problems in everyday life. For larger photos, full description, click here. Vintage Barbie dolls identified with photos & descriptions. May 27, 2016 - Barbie Size Clone Fashions by Shillman 1960s to 1970s. These dolls are only found in Europe & Canada. I am not currently selling. 8587 Barbie Twist N' Turn doll (1973-1976) Used the Stacey head mold in 1973-1974, is pink skinned, brown eyes, painted lashes, long straight titian (red) hair, TNT waist, wore a Malibu like blue swimsuit, has straight non-bending legs. Later Barbie dolls had painted-on eyelashes. They also sometimes had arms that were bent at the elbows. 1055 Country Music 1971-1972 Learn about doll identification, photos, fun facts, blog posts, collecting and more. See more ideas about barbie, vintage barbie, dolls. Download Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK for Android. Parents need to know that Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a completely healthy game for children. There are also many very useful sites available to assist in identifying your Barbie… Totally Hair Barbie, a best seller in 1992, had floor length hair that could be styled. Some Barbie dolls manufactured in later years had molded-on underpants or tights. In order to know the value of a Barbie doll, it is essential to know the model of the doll and its year of release.

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