Have you submitted your entry for the latest SAP Community Coding Challenge? . Once you have a solution you are happy with, please email your submissions along with a link to your public SAP Community Profile to the community@sap.com inbox. SAP AI Business Services, Join the SAP Community Coding Challenge, and How to Create ABAP Proxies Using Eclipse. ?? Even the Script Tasks in Workflow definitions on SAP Cloud Platform are written in JavaScript. Consider processing efficiency and ABAP best practices as well. Introduced by SAP, UNESCO and partners in 2015, ACW aims to spark interest in coding through fun and interactive community workshops for youngsters. In partnership with IBM and UNESCO, SAP Africa Code Week launched the “CodeTheCurve Hackathon” to encourage youth to use digital innovations to address the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. SAP is facing its own mountaineering challenge, and it promises to be as big as any the company has faced. He implements SAP enterprise performance management software for customers. 2019 Results announced. Espace de compétitions SAP et SR; Village sapeurs-pompiers avec espace prévention et exposants Feb 12, 2020 . QUE 1: A given Series could be arithmetic,Geometric,Fibonacci.We will provide you ‘n’ numbers and you have to first check the type of series,then find out the next number .If you are unable to get the output return -999. The community and SAP Developer Advocates will then do the first round of judging to narrow the solutions down to 5 finalists. (The deadline for this challenge has now passed – for an update, please read SAP Community Coding Challenge 2 – Update.). Dive into the concepts surrounding the current SAP Community Coding Challenge. I think the community is going to have lots of fun looking at them once the submission period is over. Develop and implement a Code Review checklist to ensure compliance. Thursday, 27 August 2020 08:42 My learning journey with ABAP SAP Community Coding Challenge #1 Written by Mahesh Kumar Palavalli SAP Coding Challenge – IV. Joining an on-campus event you will also have the opportunity to participate in a competitive interactive Gaming contest. So people can push both ways. One challenge for SAP is that RPA pure-plays such as UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere have built huge revenue streams based on integration with its software and the bots built using their tools, while solving enterprises’ immediate business problems, become one more piece of legacy code standing in the way of innovation. Data conversions 6. It’s up to you how you want to play that. Clean code does not means Clean writed. I thought about doing sorted tables, select, char/number calculation, or even Regex. Elegance, readability, maintainability are all factors as well. SAP Coding Challenge – IV. Here’s an example: Either way, once you’ve added your solution, you should provide a link to it (either to your code in one of the websites above or to your Coffee Corner Discussion entry) in the email as described above. Until you hit the period it’s one line of code even if spread across multiple lines in the editor. Work online or onsite at your university on tough, challenging coding problems aligned to SAP’s business strategy including Analytics, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data. Just my point of view, but that might be totally off. This climbing-down-the-mountain-to-climb-back-up problem is totally self-inflicted: Simply put, the problem stems from the fact that SAP is standing on the summit today. The ACC Challenge. Design and enter your project in The Discovery’s Scratch Code Challenge … We are not dictating any particular site, but can certainly point you in the direction of a few: With any of these sites, you can create code and make the source available, and also have it executable. But we will be sure to balance or rotate the challenge modifiers in the future. SAP MM is one of the modules of the SAP ERP system which deals with the logistics (Material management and inventory management) of the materials. to your code in jsbin.com, it’ll work now. Coding Challenge – 4 task : Generate a pascal Triangle using SAP ABAP as a programming language. A little Reduce and some regex. DMP 110. It is with great pleasure that we announce a new community activity – the SAP Community Coding Challenge Series. How clean is your code? Basically, this will be your coding challenge of the day. Or spatial queries. Learn how to use cutting-edge cloud and database tools to analyze data and train machine learning models. Below is my simplified version for anyone interested. SAP Community Coding Challenge #3 Hello Welcome to the third challenge in the SAP Community Coding Challenge Series!. But in the end I hope people aren’t getting too tied up in the lines of code. Reports 2. There are many options to do that: Option No: 1: For finding the BADI: put a break point in CL_EXITHANDLER class’s GET_INSTANCE Method and execute the Transaction code whenever it call a BADI debugger stops at … 3. Its one of several interesting aspects for people I hope. 3. Sure there was no rule against multiple submissions. Thanks to Master Thomas and team. Yes. one of my colleague saw me doing this today and she started to learn about constructor expressions, reduce, for,  e.t.c, to do this challenge. Scratch is an easy-to-use programming platform with the potential to create amazing interactive stories, games, movies, and presentations! Hopefully this gives you an opportunity to research some syntax that is new to you. I thought it might be overkill to replace the split by reduce expression. It should be simple enough that most people could work on it over a lunch break but if you really want to solve the problem optimally might require some thoughtful research and experimentation. Online Test: The online test questions were based on array and string manipulations and some MCQ questions were also there.I did pretty well and was able to solve both the questions and MCQ’s too. Backend services in the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment can be written in many languages, and a popular one is indeed JavaScript (Node.js). But different hardware can be several order of magnitudes faster. The FactorBranded Data Warriors Challenge for SAP employees is designed to help SAP employees showcase their exceptional problem-solving ability as also the versatility of the SAP platform. Just like the first challenge, there are certain requirements that have to be met. One challenge for SAP is that RPA pure-plays such as UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere have built huge revenue streams based on integration with its software and the bots built using their tools, while solving enterprises’ immediate business problems, become one more piece of legacy code standing in the way of innovation. Its never too late to start learning ABAP . If you prefer, you can instead share your solution (code & answer) here on the SAP Community.

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